Alice Pilates practice is all about empowering transformation through mindful movement.

The core mission – quite literally – is to strengthen the inseparable connection between the body and mind through gentle movements. Each specific exercise will empower the inner self and -strength, and improve the alignment of the body all at once.

The classes of Alice Pilates Practice are designed to be modern, dynamic and fun. There are no previous skills needed to start the journey, as all the classes are created and destined for beginner to advanced practitioners.

By working with different blocs of exercises, different muscle groups will be targeted deeply. During the practice we mostly use our own body weight. To challenge the body even more by adding some extra resistance, a variety of props (elastic band, dumbbells, magic circle, soft ball) can be used.

Absolute core

Arms and Abs Fire

sculpt • length • strength | 10min

A flow class focusing on arms and abs that will be efficient and productive to feel enough your abs and arms burning out. 

Variety of exercises to challenge your core section – You’ll feel the effort in this circuit with a bit of arms challenge in the holding planks. 

No equipments needed 

Heat waves

Cardio Burn

sweat • burn • fast | 10min

Let’s do it! A 10 min full bodyweight circuit class under the pink sky one evening in Mallorca- feel magical and spicy!
Intense control movements that will help you both strengthen and work on your stability, while engaging your CORE throughout the circuit.

No equipments needed 

Lower body

Glutes burn

strength • length • sculpt | 15min

This 15 minute class is focused solely on your glutes. How do you lift and extend to feel the strength in your glutes? Yes, that’s the signature of this class. Using your deep abs and legs will challenge you in this high energy and fun class!

You will need a rubber band

Strong arms

All in Arms

sculpt • length • burn | 10min

Fire is on !
Believe me, in these 10 mins you’ll not be able to extend your arms anymore. You can use heavy or lighter dumbbells depending on what you want to focus today but feel the burn through this flow – build and strength your triceps and biceps as never you did before – yes let’s do it

No equipments needed 

Full body flow

Total body endurance

sculpt • cardio • burn | 30min

Ignite your body with these 30 mins of cardio sculpting Pilates class. Feel the challenge with sequences of movements, quick transition in between exercises to improve concentration and cardio – some resistance to maintain certain postures to feel the burn but at the end the most important is to keep smiling because it’s just fun!

No equipments needed 


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"Alice is a great pilates instructor who motivates everyone with her amazing energy. Her classes are challenging and fun, and she makes your every muscle move. It’s the best gift you can give for your body! 🧡 🧡 "
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"Le pilates avec Alice n’est pas un simple cours de Pilates : on explore son corps en mouvement avec de l’intensité, du rythme, tout en conscience. J’apprécie particulièrement la bonne humeur contagieuse d’Alice qui nous pousse à aller au delà de nos limites !"
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"J’ai suivi les cours de Pilates d’Alice et j’ai aimé son énergie et le guide vers chaque mouvement tout au long du cours. Alice propose toujours des exercices alternatives pour les différents niveaux d’entraînement, ce qui permet à tout le monde de suivre le flow. Chaque mouvement est répété pour améliorer le balance, la flexibilité et l’endurance. Ses cours sont dynamiques et elle nous partage ses bonnes énergies, l’ambiance est super!"
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"J’adore les cours de pilates que tu proposes ! Ils sont hyper complets, dynamiques et différents à chaque session. Nous sentons l’engagement profond de nos muscles tout au long de la session qui est super bien rythmée. On sent que tu veilles à ce que les exercices soient bien réalisés et tu arrives à nous motiver grâce à ton énergie et ta bienveillance. C’est aussi super que tu veilles à avoir le retour des élèves à chaque fin de classe. J’attends toujours avec impatience de venir à tes sessions (qui passent trop vite!) Merci merci merci "
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"Les cours sont super dynamiques et variés, Alice nous donne toujours la bonne humeur dans ses cours. On se sent mieux à chaque fin de séances et on voit vite des résultats "

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