Modern and dynamic
movements that will transform and empower your mind and body


Alice Pilate was born in Paris and raised in the North of France. In her twenties, she headed off to the other side of the world – Australia that is – where she explored the pilates practice on a deeper level for the first time. Being immersed in the endlessly rich pilates culture while living in Sydney for over 3 years, she lost her heart to the practice. In January 2020 she enrolled to the Reformer Pilates Teacher Training at the Body Mind Life studio, where strong experienced teachers shared their knowledge to teach pilates on the reformer machine, with a deep understanding of human movement and reformer pilates techniques.

"I love teaching Pilates, it’s the only practice that allows me to let you connect your body and mind with working deeply your muscles, alignment and posture. I always create new Pilates flows to keep the challenge of the practice, never boring never too slow but fun and energizing !"z

Back in the buzzing city of Paris, where the pilates practice hasn’t been as widely spread or developed as in Australia yet, Alice is here to teach the unique and modern practice to make you feel more energized, powerful and happy.

Alice Pilates offering you today Pilates Classes on The Mat at home and in studios.