30th June – 6th July

Magnetic Island Retreat

nourish your soul, connect to your inner senses, explore your body within the pilates practice

Our Philosophy

Alice Pilates x Sisley Paris

Join us on a transformative journey at our exclusive pilates and wellness retreat, set against the breathtaking backdrop of Pantelleria, Sicilia. Nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean, this hidden gem invites you to experience the perfect fusion of self-care and self-discovery.

You will immerse yourself in daily pilates classes, carefully curated to enhance strength, flexibility, and mindfulness. Alice will guide you through invigorating sessions, leaving you feeling stronger than ever and connected to your inner self.

To elevate your wellness journey, Sisley Paris is joining us at the retreat to provide exclusive skin care treatments and massages, to enhance your radiance and well-being.

The Retreat

Alice Pilates x Sisley Paris

All our retreats are founded on a core philosophy and are an immersion into slow, conscious living and daily movement. Where movement is love and pilates an ode to the body. Nourishing ourselves with fresh vegetarian delights, connecting with beautiful nature and a sisterhood of incredible women. We aim to create a community that celebrates the beauty of shared experiences.

For this retreat, we really care to offer an expansiv retreat that transcends the ordinary – a sanctuary where pilates, wellness, and the enchantment of Pantelleria’s authentic vibration create an immersive and unforgettable experience.

Your journey to a revitalized, balanced, and connected self begins here, surrounded by the beauty, magic, and indulgence of Sicilia’s hidden gem.


Parco Dei Sesi is a timeless property in the heart of the archeological Sesi park in the volcanic island of Pantelleria, Sicily. Overlooking the sunset and Africa, at 200 meters from the sea, the property is surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, Art and history. Parco Dei Sesi offers a unique living experience disconnected from the world and connected with its environment.


enjoy the high-end service and amenities of Parco dei Sesi, with daily cleaning, independant bathrooms for each rooms and keeping a maximum privacy effortlessly.

premium solo suite

3100€ (per person)

you will be alone in one of the two beautiful master suites, enjoying a king size bed and a space for yourself whenever you need it.

duo room

2100€ (per person)

share the room with a special person, your friend, lover or family, you’ll have this little nest for yourselves and a queen size bed for the two of you.

shared room

2100€ (per person)

you will be sharing the room with another person, with two single beds.

activities and

Immerse yourself in the extraordinary as we present thoughtfully crafted nature-inspired workshops for this retreat. Our intention is clear: not only do we want you to explore the captivating essence of this volcanic island, but we also invite you to embark on a journey of self-discovery. Delve into the heart of this unique location, where the workshops are intricately woven to guide you in getting acquainted with both the soul-stirring landscapes of the island and the intricate layers of your own being. This retreat isn’t just about connecting with nature; it’s an opportunity to intimately connect with yourself. Get ready to unravel the mysteries of the island while uncovering the depths of your own essence.


Day 1
check-in and welcome drink, introduction pilates class dinner and opening circle

Day 2
morning coffee and snacks, morning pilates class, brunch, swim afternoon at the cala, tea time and comfort cakes, Sisley Paris workshop, evening pilates class, dinner

Day 3
morning coffee and snacks, morning pilates class, brunch, hike to discover the volcanic island, tea time and comfort cakes, evening pilates class, dinner, night meditation

Day 4
morning coffee and snacks, morning pilates class, brunch, boat tour, tea time and comfort cakes, evening pilates class, dinner

Day 5
sunrise meditation and yoga, coffee and snacks, morning pilates class, brunch, free time, tea time and comfort cakes, afternoon pilates class, wine tasting, dinner

Day 6
morning coffee and snacks, morning pilates class, brunch, discovering the hot springs or yoga session, tea time and comfort cakes, evening pilates class, closing party

Day 7
morning coffee and snacks, last pilates class, check-out

what’s included in the retreat

what’s not included in the retreat


Considering you can reach the island all year along daily via Palermo, the island is not so isolated anymore. From May or October more direct flights
main italian airport :

DAT.DK flies all year along from PALERMO & TRAPANI every day & twice a day (price between 60€ to 80€) and CATANIA on Thursdays and Sundays. In high
season, an extra flight from Palermo CATANIA from Thursdays to Sundays in high season only. This company is very trustworthy as is acts like a bus for
the locals.

These following companies operates directly to pantelleria from Italians
National airports only in the high season from June to end of September (more or less). These informations variate every year so we advise to check directly with he air companies. ITA-AIRWAYS connects the island on Saturdays, Sundays from MILANO LINATE – ROME FIUMICINO and BOLOGNA VOLOTEA AIRLINES connects Saturdays and Sundays only. Calendar for 2024 is already published : starting June 1st 2024 to October 6th 2024 from: MILAN BERGAMO – BOLOGNA – VERONA – VENEZIA

how to book

please send an email to infos@pilatesalice.com with your full name and the room you’re interested in. upon receiving your email we will promptly confirm the availability of your choice and you will then be required to make a 500€ deposit (non refundable) to secure your stay.

the remainder of the amount will be requested 2 months before the retreat. (any cancellations for any reasons 2 months before the retreat starts will unfortunately not be refundable)